ZTE Grand S3 smartphone can be unlocked with an eye scan


BARCELONA - ZTE doesn’t have an entirely new flagship at this year’s Mobile World Congress, but the company added an interesting feature to its existing top smartphone, the ZTE Grand S3 — eye-based biometric authentication

The solution ZTE is using is not new, either — it’s actually EyeVerify’s EyePrint ID, and it’s not an iris scan. Instead, the EyePrint ID uses the device’s camera to map the blood vessels in the whites of your eye, which, the company claims, is unique to every person, and doesn’t change with age or stress

For the user, the process should be fairly simple: Hold the phone up and look at it to unlock it — no password required. The setting up process, which was demoed to us by ZTE, involves looking at the phone’s camera and following a green line moving up and down. It lasts about a minute, and it worked for us on the first try Read more…

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