This Smartwatch Tells You When You're Spending Too Much Money


Smartwatches are known for not only telling time, but tracking your daily activities — steps taken, calories burned, hours slept. Now, a new device called the Cash smartwatch monitors another thing you might not always think about: your budget. It tells you when to cool it with the latte spending or hold off on buying new shoes for the fall.

The $139 gadget — which will be available online for purchase or via HSN, starting next week — comes from financialista Nicole Lapin, a correspondent for networks such as MSNBC and Today, and was one of the youngest CNN anchors to have her own show. She’s known for making finances approachable, and using easy-to-understand language for budget tips. Although the Cash smartwatch is aimed toward young women from ages 18 to 34, the model also comes with various strap options for men. Read more…

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