Moff Band turns imaginary sword fights, air guitar into reality


NEW YORK — Every little kid loves imaginary sword fights and playing the air guitar, but there’s only so far this type of game play can go without the use of sound effects.

Now, in one of the most innovative — yet simple — toy concepts we’ve seen in awhile, a new wearable called the Moff Band adds dozens of sounds to make offline playing more realistic and fun. This means if a kid is holding a pencil and waves it around like a magic wand, sound effects will play accordingly

The device ($54.99), which was on display at Toy Fair 2015 on Saturday, is a Bluetooth-connected smart slap bracelet. After putting it on and connecting it to a corresponding app (iOS or Android), kids select from a whole collection of sounds, like drums, baseball, sword fights and of course, magic wand (more sounds are added each week). Animal and nature sounds are coming soon. Read more…

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