Let go, Luke! 'Star Wars' toy trains young minds to harness Force


It is a fantasy Star Wars fans know well: to use the Force.

Alas, the Force in real life is usually resigned to daydreams and jokes about droids, which aren’t the ones you’re looking for. But something that could, at least, offer kids a tiny dose of Jedi capabilities is this toy that uses a mind-control headset

It is called the Force Trainer II Hologram Experience — a pyramid-shaped hologram monitor that measures brain waves to play literal mind games. The toy manufacturer works with NeuroSky, a developer of biosensors

The Force Trainer II Hologram Experience is the follow up to another Force-related Uncle Milton toy released in 2009, and it is a decent upgrade. All that one did was allow users to “levitate” a ball in a cylinder, but it came with a remote, too, so it wasn’t truly mind-based. (There are other relatively disappointing mental-control toys like the Mattel Mind Flex.) Read more…

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