Inbox is finally coming to Google Apps accounts, but there's a catch


Google Inbox wants to reinvent the email app, but it has been hampered by a lack of support for Google Apps, meaning work accounts have been unable to use the service.

That changes on Monday. Google is expanding Inbox to include Google Apps for Work accounts. This doesn’t mean anyone with an Apps email account can just connect with Inbox, though; the account’s administrator must apply to join the “early adopter” program for Inbox and then wait for approval, which won’t happen until March at the earliest.

Still, the news does move Google’s vision of email forward by including arguably the most important party: work accounts. Some of Inbox’s most noteworthy features are instantaneous creation of to-do lists and the ability to dismiss all messages of a certain type (say, offers or pitches) quickly , both of which have obvious advantages for work accounts. Read more…

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