HTC targets fitness fanatics with its first wearable, the HTC Re Grip


You can’t throw a smartphone in a Best Buy without establishing a Bluetooth connection with some kind of fitness tracker, so when HTC decided to enter the wearables market, it wanted to be sure it stood out. The result: The HTC Re Grip, a smart band aimed at runners and gym-goers.

The band is one part fitness tracker, one part GPS band and one part smartwatch. It resembles a Nike+ FuelBand, with a similar low-res display built into the band. But the Grip is larger, more ruggedized and actually more comfortable.

I only wore the Re Grip for a few minutes, and not continuously as I exercised (as it’s intended), but I preferred it to the FuelBand’s more rigid exterior, and was able to type while wearing the HTC wearable with no problems. Read more…

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