BlueAnt Pump HD Sportsbuds Are Built to Get Physical


I caught my headphones around a doorknob walking through my front door this morning. It wasn’t pretty. It freaked me out and hurt it a bit. I suppose it could have been worse — I’ve wrecked more headphones than I care to mention through similar absentmindedness — but it was a slightly painful reminder of the last few hurdles standing between us and a truly wireless experience.

I’ve been waiting for the right pair of Bluetooth headphones to untether my music listening for a number of years now; something I can wear around the house, on the streets or running on the treadmill without compromising comfort or audio quality. And most importantly, really, something that won’t violently rip out of my ear canals every time I end up on the business end of a unfriendly doorknob. Read more…

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