An Open Letter to Science...


Dear Science,

This is not an easy letter to write. You know I love you very much, and I’ve always been a huge fan of yours. But this is getting ridiculous, Science. It’s 2013.

I want you to know that I am not writing this letter from the moon right now. I want you acutely aware of that fact, Science, just in case you weren’t sure. I am not writing this from a robot-proof bunker deep beneath the Earth’s crust, or from the captain’s chair aboard my starship. This letter is being composed on my four-year-old laptop, aboard the U.S.S “my living room reclining chair.”

I don’t mean to pressure you, but we are way behind schedule here. Yes, I know you’re working very hard, and sure, you’ve been doing some great things. But seriously? Where’s my flying car? Where’s my immortality pill, my moonbase, my affordable jetpack? Is it not 2013? Do I have my dates mixed up? Because if it’s 2013, this crap should all be old news. Read more…

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