Mercedes-Benz's self-driving semitruck takes to public roads

Thanks to Mercedes-Benz, long-haul trucking jobs are about to get real cushy.

Daimler’s semitruck, called the Mercedes-Benz Actros, is now making autonomous journeys across Germany’s public motorways with its “Highway Autopilot” system, becoming the first series production truck to do so.

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If a self-driving truck sounds like the beginning of a sequel to the 1978 film Convoy, don’t worry; a person has to remain behind the wheel. However, they will be a very relaxed person.

That’s because as soon as Actros crosses the onramp threshold onto the freeway, it displays the “Highway Autopilot On” message, alerting the driver that it is ready to take over control of the truck. The driver accepts the offer with the push of a button and Actros does the restWith its forward-facing radar and stereo cameras, the truck is able to be “more alert and attentive than any driver,” Daimler says. Since all the sensors are onboard, Actros does not need an Internet connection to remain autonomous. Read more…

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