The Tesla Model X's Falcon Wing doors open even in the tightest spots

Apple may never buy Tesla, but Tesla’s CEO has fully bought into Apple’s penchant for keynote stagecraft.

At the unveiling of the Tesla Model X SUV, Elon Musk had a lot to show off, but one of the most anticipated features of the new vehicle was its Falcon Wing doors, a close relative to the gull-wing doors that have been a trademark feature on various other cars — most famously on the DeLorean.

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Musk had a surprise for the crowd, though, particularly any doubters about the practicality of such doors in tight spaces. To show how the sensor-laden Model X doors can open even in tight spaces, Musk slipped the Model X in between two other competing SUVs on the stage, simulating a extremely tight parking situation. Then this happened: Read more…

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