Third-gen Moto G is water-resistant and finally has cameras that don't suck

I bought my parents their first smartphones two years ago. They each got a brand new Nexus 4 because it was cheap ($199), ran Android and had a big (but not too big) screen.

Their phones are now starting to fall apart and as the software has been updated, they’ve become slower. The cameras also don’t cut it anymore.

They’re do for replacements and I think I may have found just the right phone for them: the new $180 third-generation Moto G.

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Earlier this year, I declared the Moto E the best budget smartphone you could buy if you only had $120 (or $140 for the 4G model) to spend. At the same time, I also said if you spent another $60 on the Moto G, you’d be getting a larger screen, better audio and a slightly faster phone. Read more…

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