Eli Roth is murdering Vine and YouTube stars on Snapchat…it’s a bloody dream come true


Regardless of whether you love or hate the swarm of young, good-looking social media stars that have colonized the Web, you’ll probably enjoy this: Eli Roth is using a Snapchat story to slaughter a clutch of them in inventive ways. Dumb social media star meets dumbbell As Variety reported, the whole thing is a stunt for Crypt TV, a digital network co-founded by the director. It’s all playing out through a 24-hour Snapchat narrative. So who did it? All the clues you need are in the story. #andthentherewerenone — Eli Roth (@eliroth) July 20, 2015 Viewers have that time to work out…This story continues at The Next Web from The Next Web » Social Media http://ift.tt/1KfTLP6

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