From New York to Nashville on the Startup Bus

On the third day, half the people on the Startup Bus got motion sick. We hadn’t slept for two or three nights, the roads through the Smoky Mountains were perilously curved, the tour bus was traveling at top speed, and we had all been staring at our laptop screens for far too long.

Someone on my team bumped the table where we sat and it collapsed on our laps for the third or maybe 10th time that day. Alicia Hurst, my team’s designer, grabbed her computer before it fell, but her giant water bottle hit the floor. Again. Emma Pinkerton, our business strategist, held up the table while I scrambled to find the bolt that would half-secure it to the wall. Again. I dug around under the tangle of backpacks, purses, computer bags, energy-bar wrappers, extension cords, and tortilla-chip crumbs until I found the bolt. Read more…

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