Nest Cam is here, but the 'Internet of Things' still isn't

SAN FRANCISCO — Nest, one of the most recognizable names in home automation, unveiled a welcome refresh of its product line here Wednesday. There’s slightly smarter software for the thermostat, a slightly thinner, slightly smarter version of the smoke alarm — the $99 Nest Protect — and a slightly thinner, slightly smarter, heavily rebranded version of the Dropcam, now the $199 Nest Cam.

Which is all to the good. These are consumer-friendly products that help us to save energy (enough to power 30,000 homes a year, Nest says), save lives (no more removing your smoke alarm because of its incessant dumb beeping) and protect our families (or at least allow you to shout at your dog to get off the couch, remotely) Read more…

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