Make it so: Chinese building looks just like Star Trek's USS Enterprise

We already know history will never forget the name Enterprise, but now architecture won’t either.

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There’s a building in China that looks almost exactly like the USS Enterprise from Star TrekDrone footage (which we really wish was set to this music) shows how a relatively conventional-looking building from the ground dramatically transforms into a regal starship when viewed from the air

Lest you think this is visual trickery done via Holodeck or CGI, the starship/building is clearly visible on Google Maps.

Image: Google

Our tipster explained to us that the building is the headquarters of NetDragon Websoft, a Chinese gaming and mobile Internet company. And it’s no Chinese knock-off: Company Chairman Liu DeJian is reportedly an uberTrekkie, licensing from CBS the rights to build an Enterprise replica. Construction began in 2008 and was finished in 2014; the project cost $160 million total. Read more… More about Enterprise, Star Trek, Architecture, Tv, and Tech

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