Fool your friends into thinking you got an Apple Watch with this simple tool

The first wave of Apple Watches is finally arriving to the lucky few who ordered early. Meanwhile, everyone else — except for those willing to line up at boutique stores — will just have to wait until June, when the supply is supposed to catch up with demand.

If your Apple Watch is in transit, or you simply didn’t want to shell out $350-plus on the wearable, fear not: You can still fool your friends into thinking you have one with this nifty tool from Sketchfab.

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The site is usually a place for storing and sharing 3D imagery, but this Apple Watch rendering is something special: It combines the watch with live video from your webcam to create a kind of augmented-reality image. Hold up your arm, capture a screencap and voilà, you’ve got yourself an Apple Watch selfie. Read more…

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